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Socially Responsible Investing News

Banking Lags on Human Rights
A report by the NGO BankTrack reveals that most major global banks are failing to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in their financing. - (07/08/16)
Are Big Banks Ignoring Paris Climate Agreement?
The seventh edition of the Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card reveals that while some progress has been made in exiting the financing of coal mining, global financial institutions are lagging badly in other extreme fossil fuels and human rights. - (07/07/16)
$5 Trillion Investor Coalition Supports Human Rights Benchmark
The coalition, coordinated by Boston Common Asset Management, hopes that the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark will help improve corporate human rights disclosures and aid investors in their engagement with companies. - (06/24/16)
Pepsi Challenged on Palm Oil Worker Exploitation
A report from three NGOs reveals that violations of workers' rights on the palm oil plantations of PepsiCo's joint venture partner in Indonesia includes child labor. - (06/21/16)
BlackRock Shareowners Vote on CEO Pay
The Stephen M. Silberstein Revocable Trust files a shareowner resolution with the mutual funds giant, requesting that its proxy voting practices reflect a link between executive compensation and corporate performance. - (05/26/16)
SEC Backs Shareowner Challenge of Dominion Nuclear Plant
The utility's effort to exclude the resolution calling for analysis of the financial risks associated with a nuclear reactor which could cost over $19 billion is turned down by the Securities and Exchange Commission. - (05/06/16)
Second Benchmark of Corporate Human Rights Performance Launches
KnowTheChain, founded in 2013 to address California's Supply Chain Transparency Act, will initially benchmark the human rights performance of 20 companies in the information and communications technology industry sector. - (04/30/16)
Institutional Investors Support Increase in Solar Deployment
The Green Infrastructure Investment Coalition, launched during the COP21 negotiations, now counts over $60 trillion in assets under management supporting a trillion dollar investment in solar. - (04/29/16)
Despite Climate Commitments, World Bank Still Funding Fossil Fuels
Oil Change International reports that the World Bank Group's investments in fossil fuel exploration actually increased in 2015, to $313 million. - (04/22/16)
Investors Challenge Food Companies on Antibiotics
The collaborative investor network Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return writes to ten of the largest restaurant chains, requesting policies addressing overuse of medically necessary antibiotics. - (04/15/16)
Walden Updates Shareowner Action on Lobbying
Tim Smith of Walden Asset Management posts update on the 50 shareowner proposal addressing corporate lobbying expenditures filed this proxy season. - (04/11/16)
Investors Win Battles for Shareowner Votes on Climate at Exxon
Resolutions addressing the moral imperative of limiting climate change and the manner in which the company reports oil reserves replacement will appear on proxy ballot following SEC decision. - (04/01/16)


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