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Socially Responsible Investing News

EIRIS Compiles Database of Companies Doing Business in Crimea and Palestine
The EIRIS Foundation releases an online database of companies in Crimea and Palestine, providing for investors and other stakeholders objective and independent research about corporate activity in occupied territories. - (07/27/15)
Rankings of 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Reports Are Published
Baruch College's Weissman Center for International Business analyzes corporate social responsibility reporting from the largest US and international companies, and publishes an online ranking that allows investors and other stakeholders to review the quality of CSR reports. - (07/24/15)
Oil Industry Payments to Governments Still Lack Transparency
Five years after passage of Dodd-Frank, a report by Oxfam America finds that payments by the US industry to developing nations lack the transparency to ensure that governments are using them for the benefit of citizens. - (07/23/15)
Green Bond Investments Reach $600 Billion
The fourth edition of Bonds and Climate Change, published by the Climate Bonds Initiative, reports that 70% of climate-aligned bonds are invested in low-carbon transport, while another 20% focus on clean energy. - (07/13/15)
Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Publishes Draft of Key Performance Indicators
The Benchmark publishes two documents about which it seeks input: a framework for multi-stakeholder consultations, and a draft list of key performance indicators.
- (07/11/15)
Consumer Goods Companies Commit to Halving Food Waste
Four hundred corporate members of the Consumer Goods Forum commit to a sustainability program that includes halving food waste within their operations by 2025. - (07/10/15)
Investors Support White House Plan to Cut Methane Emissions
The Obama Administration proposes to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas industry by at least 45% by 2025, and investors coordinated by Ceres and Trillium Asset Management issue a statement expressing their support. - (07/07/15)
Investors Tell Corporations to Meet Burma Reporting Requirements
Sustainable investment firms representing more than $40 billion in assets under management write to three corporations doing business in Burma, urging them to comply with the Burma Responsible Investment Reporting Requirements. - (07/01/15)
Benchmarking Tool for Toxic Chemicals in Consumer Products Launched
The Chemical Footprint Project, backed by investors and corporations representing more than $1 trillion in investing and purchasing power, is the first tool for benchmarking corporate chemical use and management. - (06/30/15)
Laudato Si Makes Waves Throughout Society
Sustainable investors and climate deniers alike weigh in with responses and reactions to Pope Francis's landmark encyclical on climate change. Second in a two-part series. - (06/27/15)
Pope Francis Delivers Encyclical on Climate Change
The Pope makes explicit the connection between climate action, poverty, and morality, and calls for a radical shift away from current failures and toward an “ecological conversion” instead. First in a two-part series. - (06/20/15)
And Now for Something Completely Different
The Heartland Institute hosts its annual conference on climate change, at which such scientific luminaries as climate denying Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma are honored. - (06/16/15)


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