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Socially Responsible Investing News

BP Calls for Price on Carbon
Arguing that emissions are rising significantly more than scientists recommend, the oil and gas company states that a meaningful global price on carbon will incentivize participation in a low-carbon transition. - (02/25/15)
Shell Demonstrates Tunnel Vision Version of Climate Change
The oil and gas company endorses a shareowner resolution requesting a sustainable approach to stranded assets, but signals that it will resume costly and ineffectual drilling for oil in the Arctic. - (02/23/15)
Twenty-Five Resolutions on Board Diversity Filed in 2015
Institutional investors affiliated with the Thirty Percent Coalition step up their shareowner efforts to pressure corporations to elect women to their boards of directors - (02/21/15)
Human Rights Abuses in Burmese Mining Industry
A new report from Amnesty International identifies companies from Canada and China that have profited from serious human rights abuses at the Monywa copper mine complex in Burma. - (02/19/15)
Corporate Responsibility for Farm Animal Welfare Benchmarked
Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare aspires to improve living conditions for animals raised for food by benchmarking corporate performance on farm animal welfare. - (02/14/15)
Corporate Responsibility for Waste Reduction Insufficient
As You Sow and the Natural Resources Defense Council report that the lack of strong recycling policies and insufficient practices by companies are factors in low recycling rates in the United States. - (02/11/15)
ICCR Publishes 2015 Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide
Climate change and wealth inequality lead members of the the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility to increase for the third year in a row the number of shareowner resolutions filed. Second of a two-part series. - (02/09/15)
Journal Devotes Issue to Faith-Based Investors
An issue of Green Money Journal, guest edited by Mark Regier of Everence, explores the history and aspirations of faith-based sustainable investing. First of a two-part series. - (02/06/15)
Strong Shareowner Support for Lobbying Disclosure at Monsanto
A resolution filed by As You Sow gains one-quarter of shareowners' votes at biotech company's annual meeting, and a similar resolution is scheduled to be voted on in April at DuPont. - (02/04/15)
Board of Directors Endorses Climate Change Resolution at Shell
By endorsing a shareowner resolution filed by members of the Aiming for A investor coalition, the oil giant agrees to report on several aspects of climate risk, including portfolio resilience in post-2035 scenarios. - (02/03/15)
Investors Urged to Challenge Fossil Fuel Industry Assumptions on Risk
Ceres hosts a press call in which investors express concerns that the oil and gas industry relies on a business as usual scenario in planning capital expenditures. - (01/31/15)
Climate Resilient Supply Chains Remain a Work in Progress
CDP's new report comparing corporate supply chains by countries finds that the response of US suppliers to climate risk exposure is insufficient, while China and India offer the best financial returns from emissions reduction activities in supply chains. - (01/29/15)


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