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Socially Responsible Investing News

Addressing Climate Change Means Honoring Human Rights
A large coalition of civil society groups called on climate negotiators to factor human rights into agreements, but CARE concludes that the failure of governments to act leaves the world's most vulnerable people at risk. - (12/17/14)
Energy Companies Fail to Disclose Impacts of Fracking Operations
The third edition of Disclosing the Facts, published by a coalition of sustainable investment organizations, reveals that companies engaged in hydraulic fracturing continue to prioritize empty assurances over meaningful data. - (12/13/14)
Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Declines to Divest from Fossil Fuels
Nongovernmental organizations criticize an expert report that recommends active ownership instead of divestment, which was published one week after Norway's largest private pension fund announced a policy of divestment. - (12/12/14)
Green Bonds Growth a Positive Development in 2014
In a year when ExxonMobil rejects stranded assets and half a million march for climate in New York, green bonds offer an increasingly popular fixed-income investment strategy for sustainable investors. - (12/10/14)
Efforts Underway to Benchmark Companies on Human Rights
A coalition launches project to rank companies on human rights as BankTrack reports that few financial institutions are making progress on the issue. - (12/04/14)
Public Works Needed for Low Carbon Transition
A 2013 briefing by academics from the University of Greenwich argues forcefully for the management by the public sector of a transition to renewable energy, and is cited in Naomi Klein's book This Changes Everything. - (12/03/14)
Book Review: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, by Naomi Klein
The author and activist argues that global trade policies promoting privatization and government austerity have doomed the climate movement thus far, but insists that there is still time for massive public infrastructure programs to address both climate change and inequality. - (12/01/14)
Sustainable Assets Up by 76% Since 2012
The biennial Trends Report by US SIF reveals that consideration of environmental, social, and corporate governance factors by money managers has contributed to sustainable assets in the US that now total $6.57 trillion. - (11/28/14)
Investors Ratchet Up Engagement Over Stranded Assets
Undeterred by ExxonMobil's plan to burn all fossil fuel reserves already on its books, As You Sow and Arjuna Capital file a shareowner resolution requesting that the company return capital to investors rather than embark on further exploration. - (11/26/14)
Record High Support for ESG Resolutions by Shareowners in 2014
More resolutions addressing environmental, social, and corporate governance issues were filed by shareowners in 2014 than ever before, and proxy voting results thus far indicate record support for them as well. - (11/25/14)
Generic Drug Prices and Clinical Trials Come Under Scrutiny
A number of recent new reports call into question some commitments to corporate social responsibility by companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Second of a two-part series. - (11/21/14)
2014 Access to Medicine Index Published
Sustainable investors note improvements by pharmaceutical companies in areas of access and affordability but call for more rigorous codes of conduct and transparency around when patents will expire. First of a two-part series. - (11/20/14)


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