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Socially Responsible Investing News

Google Facing Several Resolutions on Corporate Governance
The tech giant's 2014 proxy statement reads like a compendium of corporate governance issues. Second of a two-part series. - (04/22/14)
Resolution Calls for Transparency in Lobbying Expenditures by Google
Filed by Walden Asset Management and other sustainable investment organizations, the resolution documents a 250% increase in lobbying expenditures by Google in the last five years. Part one of a two-part series. - (04/21/14)
ICCR Writes to Bank of America on Financing Fossil Fuels
A letter signed by 50 institutional investors accompanies a shareowner resolution filed by an ICCR member, requesting that Bank of America report on its financing of greenhouse gas emissions. - (04/19/14)
Canadian Investors Issue Climate Change Policy Statement
The Responsible Investment Association calls on the federal and provincial governments of Canada to develop policies that will encourage a transition to a low-carbon economy. - (04/12/14)
Clean Energy Bond Act Introduced in Congress
The Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014 is modeled after the Treasury Bonds issued in the 1940s to support the World War II effort. - (04/11/14)
Harvard Joins Principles for Responsible Investment
Harvard's endowment is the first in the United States to join the global network of sustainable investors; the university also announces it will report its greenhouse gas emissions to the CDP. - (04/10/14)
Sustainable Investors Mostly Quiet on McCutcheon vs. FEC
The most recent evisceration of campaign finance laws may not be the Supreme Court's last, emphasizing the critical need for regulation and redoubled efforts on political spending disclosure. - (04/07/14)
First Ranking of Corporate Sustainability in Colombia Published
The ranking of the 20 most sustainable companies operating in Colombia uses research framework and methodology developed by Sustainalytics. - (04/05/14)
Investors Call for Sustainability Reporting by Small-Cap Companies
A shareowner resolution from Walden Asset Management, part of a sustainable investor initiative, wins significant support at the annual general meeting of CLARCOR. - (04/04/14)
Dare We Celebrate Exxon Agreeing to Report on Fracking Risks?
As You Sow and the New York City Pension Funds withdraw resolution when Exxon agrees to increased transparency days after the oil and gas company issues disappointing report on stranded assets.
- (04/03/14)
Stock Exchanges to Study Sustainability Reporting Standards
The World Federation of Exchanges forms a sustainability working group to study environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) disclosure, and a coalition led by Ceres announces an initiative to engage global stock exchanges on the issue. - (04/02/14)
Disclosures by Fracking Companies Still Poor
Research commissioned by the Principles for Responsible Investment reveals that oil and gas companies engaged in hydraulic fracturing fail to adequately disclose risks associated with the practice. - (04/01/14)


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